When is my dog due for her first heat?

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    So, as the title states, im looking to find information on when my dog will come into heat. I've had her for a while, ever since she was about 4 weeks old.

    I do not need to give out much information on why i want to know, i just need to know. Im unsure of her age, thats why im asking, what signs would be given from her that she is near heat? She is a Pitty cross Bull Arab. Maybe a picture would help? Yes? No? I know that dogs can get their first heat at about 4 months, but mainly 6 months of age. I still do not know what age she would be now....

    IS there a way to tell before she hits heat or am i just daydreaming?


    ETA: Shes about as big as our 2 year old Pitt-bull cross, if that helps
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    Dogs can have their first heat anywhere from 6 months to a year of age and will then cycle every 6 months to a year depending upon inherited family traits. In my experience larger breed dogs are GENERALLY closer to 9 months of age at their first heat cycle.
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    A veterinarian would be able to look at swabs of the vagina to get an idea of which stage of her cycle she is in. You could potentially talk to your vet and have them do regular cytology if you want to catch her at a particular point in her cycle, or even as she is entering it. I agree with the info Sourland gave though. I think a lot of people tend to notice a dog is in heat when they notice blood tinged discharge. Breeders may try taking regular temps among other things to try to catch them at the ideal time for breeding.
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    Quote: One thing you can bet on - if she got bred - she is in heat.
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    I have bred Dogs for twenty years.....She will come into her first heat possibly between 8 months and a year....Then as she matures her cycles will be any where from 6 to 8 months......My Golden Retriever/Aussie cycled at 10 months....My Yorkie is 8 months and not cycled yet....If you plan to breed, give her at least her first heat and breed her on the second cycle....

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