When life gives you lemons...

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  1. So, I live on the west coast of Canada, and it is WET here, I mean, really wet. It's been raining a few days, and I was feeling bad for my little month old chickies today. Their run has flooded, it's got about 2 inches of water pooling in it. They have a pallet to stand on, and it's covered, they could also go into the dry coop to sit under the heat lamp if they get chilled, but I was still feeling badly for them while I was at work... Until I got home.

    I went to check in on them, and they were out and poking around in the water. As I looked closer, several of them had really full crops. Hmmm, not too much food gone.

    Then I looked down, and in the floating straw, there was tons of HUGE earth worms. The little chickens were in fact in chicken bliss, gorging on worms to their hearts content.

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    lol, that happened to me once...my cornish were in heaven!!
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    That's when you have to remember animals aren't humans. What's unpleasant for us is a feast for them!
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