When People get thier New Pets


11 Years
May 24, 2008
Cumberland City, Tennessee
Have you ever noticed how child like we become as people when we get new pets. I mean this is the best way. My grown daughter yesterday took one of our GPs to meet her new parents.....so fun to watch. My husband and daughter took another puppy to her new Mommy and video it(on my photobucket page if you must). It is so sweet to see we all are indeed still children at heart.... When people come here to get a few new baby chicks they light up like kids at Easter. Case you have not figured it out there is no money in raising chickens OH but to see the faces of those people whose lives we touch IT is Sweet
Yep we wanted to say no to the rescue. But when the pup whined my hubby looked at it and said in baby talk "you're not allowed to make cute puppy noises".
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How true that statement is!!
I just brought up 3 pullets to my brothers house in St. Cloud, and his 2 granddaughters just fell in love with them! Okay, they are only 8 and 5 y/o, but hey, the love that was shown to those 3 pullets, it would just melt your heart! My 15y/o daughter caught them on camera! It made me feel so good. Thanks for this thread! Keep lovin' those pets everyone!

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