When should baby keets be introduced to adults?


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Sep 3, 2013
My husband and I had three adult Guineas, one male, two hens. We love them to death, they're so fun and personable and ours are very people friendly. Today, we got four more, about 3 months old, from a local seller. He told us we could immediately put them in with our flock and they would be fine. The babies seem interested in the adults but the adults are persistently chasing and pecking them. The behavior slowed after a bit, they seem to be settling now but I'm concerned. Is this normal? Should we separated them? If so, at what age should we reintroduce them?
I have allowed the young to run with the older ones but...they were free range but my Peafowl are contained so what I did was take some wire (cattle fence) that was just big enough to allow the younger peas to get through to get away from the adults. I just had a short piece that I put in a circle on the side of their enclosure. It has worked out fine but for the guineas, since they are smaller anyway, you may find it difficult to find something to that effect but putting things in for them to hide behind and get away would work as well.
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Thanks for the great advice! I put a dog carrier in the coop and left it open. The babies seem to like it for protection, its working well. They come out with the adults and the amount of time before the adults peck at them gets longer and longer. When the babies get tired of getting pecked, they go into the carrier. Thanks again!
Your very welcome. Glad it is working out for you!

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