When should I pull the broody eggs?


Mar 31, 2010
Southern Illinois
We have a mixed flock with a rooster, and our first broody which is a Buff Orpingon. It's been 21 days since we noticed her sitting on the eggs. At that time their were 12 eggs from the flock. Haven't seen her up often at all. At one point, early on, we noticed 14 eggs, and the broody was up and about an another (barred rock) hen was laying on the eggs in her box. We've been patiently waiting, and hoping for the best. Last night my adult daughter caught her off the nest and noticed another hen (barred rock) in her nest with 26 EGGS!! I guess at least one of the other girls has been laying in the nest box with the broody. This time the other hen wasn't sitting on the eggs, but pecking at one. My daughter shooed it away and removed the pecked egg. The egg had what looked like a mostly to fully developed chick, but it was dead. The broody was back on the eggs right away. So, my question is, do I when should I pull all the eggs from the broody. Should I wait a day or two to see if any hatch? Should I remove them all and place in an incubator? Your help is appreciated.

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