When should I put her back in the coop?*UPDATE: she's back in and OK!*

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    Feb 25, 2009
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    I have been posting about my 7-week-old pullet that was attacked by a hawk yesterday, but she has made it through the night and is doing much better today [​IMG]

    She is now up and eating and drinking and peeping, no more bleeding or external injuries, but I think she's still a bit week. She was shocky all afternoon/evening/night yesterday and only started to perk up this morning.

    Anyway, the question is how and when do I go about putting her back in with the other chicks? They have all been together since the hatchery put them in the box to ship to me the day they were born, and so they are all the same age and have always been together. Right now, she's been away from the others just under 24 hours. I know that if she's bleeding (which she's not) or if she's too weak (which she might be), they will attack her. But, if she is close to back to normal, is it best to get her back in there ASAP? How soon will they forget her?

    My parents (who kept chickens years ago) suggest taking her out there now to see how she does and to minimize the risk of their "forgetting" her and treating her like a new bird. If things go badly, of course I would take her back out. However, I worry that if I do it too soon, it will be hard on her because she is still recovering.

    How do I balance the ideas of getting her back in there ASAP and also waiting until she is recovered? Will they have forgotten her already? If not, how much time do I have?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated [​IMG]
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  2. lisahaschickens

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    Feb 25, 2009
    Vancouver, WA
    no thoughts from anyone?
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    I've been able to segregate a hen from the others for 3 days with no ill effects. She was able to slide right back into the groove of things. My birds seem to respect a hen who has been "rattled". As long as she doesn't have an open wound, she should be okay...

    Just keep an eye on her, and I hope this helps.

    Colby in KY
  4. lisahaschickens

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    Feb 25, 2009
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    thanks, I appreciate it.

    Do you have any thoughts on trying her right away or waiting another day for her to get stronger?
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    Do you have a large dog crate that you could put her in, where she could hang "with the flock", but still have food and water and rest? That way, they will still consider her part of the flock, and I think it is comforting for the chicken to be with the others. As long as she can be kept comfortable (warm enough). As she feels better, you can open the door, so she can get back in if she wants to.
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    Keeping her in eyesight of the others is a great way to keep her a member of the flock. But if there is any sign of weakness when let loose...the others will attack her. Introduce her back ASAP and watch how she is treated.
    I have Poppy in my chick ICU, again, She had to go through the pecking order thing all over again. She's a big girl and it did not take long for her to re-establish her position. Especially when the others saw her knock over a Barred Rock for a green grape. (Her favorite)
  7. lisahaschickens

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    Feb 25, 2009
    Vancouver, WA
    Thanks, guys. I had so many posts about this hawk attack that I forgot to follow up on this particular thread. I reintroduced her last night after I found that she had flown up and perched on the top edge of the cardboard box where she had been resting. I tried the reintroduction, planning to pull her right back out if she was too weak and was attacked, but all went well. She has been out there again about 24 hours now, after being out about 30 hours.

    Thanks for the help!

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