When should I put my girls outside?


5 Years
Apr 12, 2014
Hi everyone I'm new to BYC and new to raising chickens. I'm not sure how old my chicks are so I was hoping you all could help give me a better guess at an age and a good time to put them outside.

This is when I first brought them home- The 25th of March

This is a pic of my girls today. Meet my girls, Lucy, Ethel, Thelma, and Louise. Lucy (bottom left), is the biggest out of all of them and she is pretty close to having all of her feathers. She also thinks it lots of fun to try and jump out of the brooder which is why I think they would love more space out in the coop to roam. However, it still gets very cold at night where I live so I don't want to put them out too early and have something bad happen. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
To me they have enough feathers to go out in the day time
and at night some place out of the draft but not below 45F
as you have what 5 chicks I think they should be able to
keep each other warm as long as no draft gets to them ..
Thanks guys! I have four chicks but with how cold it gets outside at night where I live I think I'm going to wait a bit longer.

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