When should I remove the "panic room" that separates my 8 week old chick from the 16 week old chicke

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    When should I remove the "panic room" that separates my 8 week old chick from the 16 week old chickens?

    We have only ONE 8 week old chick that is almost the same size as the FIVE older 16 week old chickens, and I'm wondering when I should remove her panic room and let her completely settle in with the big girls. Right now the panic room works out great, it is essentially a wire enclosure inside the hen house with a small opening that she can come in and out to mingle with her sisters inside has her own food and water and the other birds cant fit through the opening. We've had her in there since she was 2 weeks old, she's been coming out of it a little bit more often lately and even flys up and sleeps on top of it at night with her sisters. They still pick on her a lot though, but I'm sure that that will happen regardless of when I remove the panic room. I just want to know what is a good age that she will be good to fend for herself. Do you think the 5 of them would be able to peck her to death?! I will probably wait 2 or 3 more weeks, but I would like to hear other opinions. She is still eating "baby food" the others are on "grower food."

    She is the RIR on the right, her name is McFly, she started "flying" since we got her at a few days old [​IMG]


    McFly is almost the same size as Chicken Little, the smallest of the 16 week olds.

    Her other sisters still seem much bigger, and are meaner.

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    Remove it when they all get along, it could take a while.

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