When should I see signs of my pheasants laying?I

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    When should I start to see signs of my females to start to lay?
    Are the females good Moms? Will they become broody and have the babies hatch or do I have to incubate the eggs?
    What can I do to promote nest making by the females?
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    Mar 20, 2012
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    First of all, what kind of pheasants do you have, and where do you live?

    If you live in the northern hemisphere, your birds wont start laying until early spring. Unless you have a very large aviary with extremely natural growth and plenty of hiding spaces, there is a possibility your bird may go broody. The more natural the setting, the better the chance of that. As a general rule of thumb, most birds in captivity wont, but there are exceptions; as a result, its best to collect the eggs a couple times a day and incubate on your own. Also, pheasant roosters can be really nasty towards the little guys and commonly kill the chicks from what I understand, so thats another reason to raise the little ones seperate.
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    Oh no!!
    I have ringnecks, sorry that I left that out.
    I guess I wll try to incubate some wile leaving a couple with the mom if is shes broody.. And extract them is/when they hatch.
    And I am in the NE PA. I kinda figured spring time but just wanted to know if there are any perticular signs of them nesting. I know my one female keeps going behind the pampas grass and laying between that and the 5x5 wood making cooing sounds.

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