When should I take away heat?


Oct 13, 2020
I have a button quail. He hatched Oct. 4th, He started off with a heat plate and now has a heat lamp. He looks so cozy under that lamp. He has full feathers. I cant really find when to take it away? Should I just let him keep it? He's the only quail, it's basically his heat lamp.
if raising it isn't an option try sliding it a little further to one side. An inch or so each day. I have coturnix and will raise it a little higher each week and then by week 3 I can't get any higher so I move it further away to one side. Then if you can try turning it off for half an hour and see how they react. Add a little time to this each time and when they don't seem to notice it's gone don't turn it back on.

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