When should I throw away my eggs?

Dec 17, 2017
North Carolina
hello everyone so I just Finished incubating a batch of eggs and the last one hatched Thursday and none are piped I did the water float test thing and only like three tipped over maybe 4 or five but they didn't move and I don't have any more hope left in the eggs it's to bad because I think I did everything correctly but only 5 out of 41 hatched so and I spent 50$! On 19 leg bar eggs and only one hatched which made me scared to throw them away but none of them even tipped over in the float test so it's day 25 and I like to wait a few more days but only a few tipped and non piped what do you think?!
With the float treat you need the water to be warm, obviously, and perfectly still and you look for the egg to move on it's own. It can be pretty hard to see, really. I just use candling to look for signs of life. Did you candle the eggs when you got them? Shipped eggs are a real Gamble and I've had some really great hatches and some zeros as well. In that sense they are like buying lottery tickets; don't spend more than what you're willing to lose.

Was this your first time incubating?

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