When to change sweet PDZ bedding?


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Apr 1, 2013
Lafayette, LA
I have a small coop 4 x 6 exterior but smaller interior bc of the way we built it. (My husband called it the divorce coop for a long time!) the floor is linoleum. Last summer I dumped about ten bags of sweet PDZ in there. I scoop daily, with the occasional skip (like freezing weather, long work days,etc). There is some poop on the walls and I'm not that thrilled with my current roost set up because some birds get pooped on.
I'm currently working on integrating my 8 week old chicks with my I year old flock. Do I have to totally redo the sweet PDZ when I finally get the newbies in the big coop?
There's still a lot left in there but it is somewhat dirty. I plan on mixing with sand next time to cut down on dust when I scoop.
Anyone else use just sweet PDZ on coop floor? If so, how often do you completely clean it out?
I've read you should deep clean your coop yearly? And when adding to your flock? Advice?

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