When to introduce new chicks with older chickens

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by katie197888, May 10, 2011.

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    Mar 21, 2011
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    I have eight 7 month old chickens that get along great. We want to get some chicks this week to replace some of our roosters we found homes for. After they get a bit bigger, at what age can I put the new chicks in with our current chickens?

    And is there a certain way we should introduce them to keep conflict to a minimum?

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    i wait until they are about the same size, which is somewhere between 4-6 months. Otherwise, the little ones will get picked on. You can put a divider in your pen so they can see each other. That will minimize the trauma when the divider comes down and they are all together.
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    I think thats all a matter of opinion, and the general temperments of your flock.

    I did seperate my mum and her five day old chicks to the flock, but the babies kept getting out the gaps and mum couldnt protect them. they were pecked at first, but as they were escaping I thought they would stand a better chance with mum to protect them.

    Today she has happily been taking them in and out of the shed into the coop with the others with no issues.

    IMO (and experience) when adding new chickens to a flock I add them in at night (when all dozey and asleep) then keep a close eye on them for a few days. Pecking WILL happen to establish a new order but things calm down.

    I have added new and young babies from as soon as they can come off heat.
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    I have a group of silkies that are currently setting in the henhouse, and 6 barred rock chicks that I'm currently brooding out in the house. I'd like to move the BRs out to the henhouse and put them in a 2' garden fence enclosure to separate them from the setters and the rest of the silkie flock. Do you think that will disturb the setters?
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