When to introduce the chickies to the adults?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by EvvaB, Apr 21, 2012.

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    So they are only 2 weeks and 2 days tomorrow and i know they are definitely not ready to go in with the big guys but when do you think would be a good time to introduce them to their soon to be flock? We have this rooster who we call Grandpa, he's an old guy, who clucks at baby chicks and teaches them how to scratch and takes care of the orphan Annie's so i know at least one chicken who will accept them into the flock. My trouble is i don't know what age or size, cause these guys are having a growth spurt daily and all, except the youngest speckled Sussex, have gotten most of their feathers except on their head. This is the first from the store babes we have gotten since the our first hen already had 8 couple day old chicks, so trying to figure out when they are ready to mingle[​IMG] is a little troublesome to us. So if you have any advise or suggestions they would be greatly welcomed.
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    We put our chickens in with the rest of the flock when they were between one and two months old. But then again, we didn't have other young chickens in the flock (or a Grandpa!) at the time, so maybe that changes things. Good luck, anyhow. :)
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    So people have said to put them outside in a run next to the other chickens run so they can get used to them first.

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    when mine get to be about 2 months old I will start putting them in a cage that I can carry around the yard. Sense each of my breeds are set up in different pens this year its hard for me to just put them in a big pen where all the chickens are together.
    So what I do is I bring them into the yard and when I let out one of the breeds at a time they will see them in the cage and check them out and then they will go off and explore. Some will stay somewhat close by and will see them all the time. Each day I let out a different penand different breed. And they do the same. And at times I will actually set them in front of where all the pens are so they can all see them and get used to them. But sense I know this group is all White Americauna's and I already have a pen of those I will start putting their cage in with them when they are still locked up for the day. I do this for a few weeks till I feel they are ready to come out. And when I release them with the bigger chickens I will stay in the pen or close by so I can keep an eye out on what is going on. I have been doing it this way sense I started with chickens. And my grandfather did it this way too.

    In fact tomorrow I am going to be cleaning out the grow out pen and they will go in there. The outside run they can go to, to play all the chickens can see them in there. That is where i had my silkies till we made them their house and run.
    Hope this helped you. If you have Questions you can email me

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