when to let mom and babies back to flock.?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by adorable, Dec 17, 2009.

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    I have a broody silkie on eggs right now. she is still with her friends so to speak.In her own laying box.Just before they hatch i guess it is wise that i seperate her ,so her babies dont get hurt by other birds...When can i leave her and her babies in with the rest of them. What age?I was told that it easier to let the mother do it. In the past i always had them seperate. .....Never really went back to the flock.
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    This thread gives my opinion along with a few others' opinion, on whether to separate them. Either way there are risks involved, but I personally think the amount of space you have has a great impact on which works best for you. In short, my opinion is the sooner the better, but certainly before Mama weans them and they have to fight their own way into the flock. I'm personally more concerned with the integration issues than with the raising with the flock issues. Others obviously disagree.

    Raise with flock? thread

    Good luck on the hatch and whichever way you decide.
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    I have a broody that just hatched 2 weeks ago - they are currently in a box in the coop with hardware cloth so the other chickens can get used to them. Where it's so cold outside right now...would it be ok to lift the box and allow her & the chicks to roam around outside? We have an enclosed run - they don't freerange.

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