WHen to move them out of the TeenZone

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    We have 13 full-sized free-rangers that night-coop all locked up tight in one coop, and in another coop we have the ones we accepted from the school. There are 3 bantams and 3 'babies' which have been living in our Teen Zone coop for a few months, without free-ranging at all. We worried the predators would git'm and the babies weren't too bossy to the bantams even though they now outweigh them. We *tried* to let those 3 biguns shift to the main coop with their own size, but they paced back and forth at the Teen Zone coop cluckin' to get back in. We've broken down and let them back in now, cause we were getting lots of rain and worried. They did roost and range when we put them in the free-range coop, and seemed to get along with the big girls, but just kept wanting back into their 'home'. WHEN SHOULD WE HAVE PUT THEM INTO THE BIG COOP TO PREVENT THIS?

    Our trouble now is that the weather is about to turn, we *need* them to coop with the big ones so we can keep them dry, warm, and easier to handle on cold school mornings. We'd planned to put the 3 bantams in an enclosure in the big coop on cold nights, but its not big enough for all the "teens". and to top it off, we now have a momma with two babies in there now, too. Will that momma panic if we put her two babies with the bantams if it freezes in about a month? In TX we get a sudden freeze to about 40 for about an hour at night. Our main coop is solid and draft-free, but our "Teen ZOne" is not. I'd rather not weather-proof it, cause we dont have time to operate two coops when the days get colder and shorter, so we were hoping to do as I mentioned and combine the bantams into the big coop's little pen for th overnights.
    Ideas on how to get them to transfer? (I've seen pairs or trios stick together before, but never had a 'clutch' bond this strong...)
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    It sounds like the "big" coop would be a better home for them. In a month's time your hen would probably have weaned her babies (depending how old they are now). I think you should move the youngsters and move the mom and chicks within the next month or as soon as the babies are strong.

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