When to put her back outside?

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    Jun 11, 2009
    Heres the story:[​IMG]
    ive had a sick chicken today:(. it was about 10 degrees outside.[​IMG] all the flock was out in their run. some liking it:), some not so much.[​IMG] so i find one of my rir on the floor of the run .. all puffed up and eyes barely opening.[​IMG] i thought for sure she was a goner. i brought her inside the coop and placed her in a nesting box which is also near our heat lamp. i went back into the human house and spoke to the hubby. alarmed about her dispostion i made the decision to bring her in the house. she is about 2 years old and a great layer. upon examining her body etc, she felt real cold and heavy. i think she was starting to become frozen outside.[​IMG] i felt so bad about letting them outside. but they like the fresh air. i put her in a spare cage and placed her in the living room. she stood with eyes heavy and still a bit puffed for about 2 hours. exhausted because i worked today, i napped.[​IMG]
    i awoke and went straight to the living room to find my girl still standing. but she was not puffed and looked very alert:). within the next few hours she ate and started drinking water. her bright yellow runny poop went to normal within the time i brought her in etc:weee. i couldnt believe it. if she stayed outdoors she might have just frozen to death. dont know. so here lies the question: when should i put her back outside in the coop? i know her buddies are wondering about her and she misses them too. but i want her strength back up. but again the weather here in ct. has been anything but warm and sunny. the warmest we have seen is about 20 ish. yucky.[​IMG]
    anyone with some advice? thanks again!!!![​IMG]


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