When to quarantine a sick pullet?

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    I had a sick pullet (Brucie, 7 mos.) a little over a week ago. She came out of the coop one morning very pale, all puffed up and walking very slowly and she just sat under the coop (18" space for them to have shelter). We took her home and she had some white, watery diarrhea. We treated her with pedialite and some yogurt with olive oil mixed in because it seemed obvious she had a tummy issue. The next day she was 60-65% and the third day she was 80-85%. The issue is that we had some trouble re-integrating her into the flock. Everything is settled out now but was touch and go at first.

    I found another pullet (Alice) exhibiting the same symptoms. I am going to treat her similarly but I am hesitant to remove her from the run because of the trouble we had with the other pullet. I would like advice on whether to pull her out or not.

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    I would hesitate to separate any bird from my flocks for the exact reason you illustrated- difficult reintegration. I would treat the ailing bird the same way you treated the first one since it seemed to be effective. You may ended up "treating" the entire flock when they realize the sick bird is getting special food, but I wouldn't separate her unless absolutely necessary.

    I would also be reading up on cocci and worming options. A bothersome GI system is not usual in chickens. Their GI systems (like the rest of their body ) are built to withstand a lot. I think you may be seeing the beginnings of a larger issue.

    Good luck.

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