When to start providing grit?


7 Years
Oct 20, 2012
Lancaster, CA
I have 12 week old chicks still eating chick starter crumbles. However they also eat all manner of treats (kale and green apple are their favorite non-worm and grub food!) and scratch. They peck and scratch and eat off the ground in the run, so I know they're getting dirt particles and (I'm assuming) tiny rocks and such. Should I put out some grit also? At the store today I bought a small box of regular pet bird grit as they didn't have anything for chickens.

Thank you!
They will find some grit off the ground in their pen but, they need small course gravel not just dirt. You could put a dish of grit so they have access to it if they need it. Masonary sand has sand and gravel in it and you could get a 50# bag from Lowe's or H.D. much cheaper than a small bag of grit from a pet store.

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