When to switch to adult food

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    I have 10 silver lace Wyandotte hens I bought them from bomgaars when they were just tiny little things and that was middle of May it is now the middle of August. I have them on starter/grower feed when can I switch to the adult laying hen food?
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    I would start switching at 18 weeks for that breed. Mix 50/50 start and grow with layers feed for two weeks. If you want to switch to pellets, mix them with scratch grains. Or just toss pellets on the ground as a treat for a couple of days before mixing with the old. Chickens are cautious with new feed. CC
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    switch over to layer feed when you see the first egg

    one of my hens started to lay 2-3 weeks ahead of the others..but since i have 4 other hens that are younger

    i continued to give them starter feed until i ran out of starter feed and then switching over to layer feed for alll 5 hens.

    chickens can continue to eat starter feed even when they are laying.. i didn't have any problem with the egg shell for the one that started laying early but continue to eat starter feed..

    chickens often will lay aroudn 16-18 weeks.. but from my experience 1st egg would be the right time.. but it's a personal preference type of thing

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