When to tell if a chick in a hen


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Hi there to all. First time poster and new to the chicken world. I sure do love it. I have a few chicks. 2 are 3 weeks old. One is a silver laced wyandotte and the other I think is a silkie. It was a freebie. The I have three 6 day old chicks. 2 red frizzles and one d'uccle. How old do they have to be to know if it is a girl or boy??

I cannot have a rooster due to neighbors. I have a small flock outside of 5 hens and 4 pullets. Each one is a different breed with a couple of same but different colors.

I have been reading lots of post and have learned lots so far. I am so glad that I found this site!!!!!!


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With the breeds you listed, they'll probably be about 6-8 weeks old before you know for sure which are male and which are female. The silkie could take longer. I think with most breeds the combs of the males will turn pink and start growing faster than those on the females before they're 2 months old. Of course, some boys will start trying to crow even sooner from what I've heard (mine didn't start to crow till he was 7-8 months).

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