When to use chick grower/finisher ???

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    Hello :) , I have 4 BR and 4 SLW chicks that are 10 weeks old . should they be on Grower/Finisher by now ?? I was at TSC today and I saw a bag , I did not realize that i should be feeding them this . I still have some chick starter left , ok to wait until i finish that or should i go ahead and start mixing some in ?? Thanks !! These are my first chicks and im still quite new to raising chicks :)
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    You have a choice.

    Most feed company feed charts gives you the choice. Keep them on Starter until the eggs appear or switch them at 10 weeks to Grower until egg appear. Some feed companies just sell a product called Starter/Grower.

    The typical difference is one of protein. Starter is often 20% protein, or higher, while Grower is more typically 15% protein. What advantage does 15% protein offer? Slower maturity. A flock of top laying breeds fed Starter throughout will often enter laying 2 weeks earlier than a flock of top layers switched to Grower regime for two months prior to laying.

    It is a choice. If you wish to allow for slower development and maturity, then a period of time on lower protein feed will likely accomplish this goal.

    Here's Purina's feed chart. It is just an example, not a recommendation.

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