When will a broody hen start laying again?

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    Hi All you BYC Folks. We are less than a year into being chicken keepers. I am just finishing a 2nd coop. We successfully bought and raised day old babies to 17 week old pullets. AND our first little hen that flew over the fence and dubbed us chicken keepers has gone broody and hatched babies - in the middle of the construction zone that has been their home.

    ANYWAY - now we are wondering just how long Tootie will go without laying for us again?
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    It can range from two weeks (and the BYCer who reported that his broody was laying again at two weeks was very proud) to five months. Usually, it's about seven or eight weeks.

    Aren't they cute?
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    Average is a few weeks after she 'weans' the chicks....
    ....which can also vary from a few weeks to several months.
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    I had one start laying 2-1/2 weeks after she hatched, even before she weaned her chicks. She weaned them at 3 weeks. I've had some molt when she was raising her chicks so it was a few months before she got back to laying. Thee is no hard an fast set rule, it can be all over the place. It can depend on the season. If you are looking for what often happens I'd say a week or two after she weans them, whether that is 3 weeks or 15 weeks of age. But often does not mean always.

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