When will cockeral start standing up for himself?


10 Years
Jul 6, 2012
SW Washington state
I have a 18 wk old BBS Orpington cockerel I hatched out this spring under a surrogate hen and raised around the rest of the flock of 6 hens. He is a Big, gentle guy. My concern is when is this boy going to start sticking up for himself? He is much larger than any of my older hens, yet they still bully him. Especially one little Australorp. She is a very sweet bird until he or any of the pullets hatched with him show up to eat or get treats (they are larger than her as well) she then turns into a little ball of nasty. Rather funny to watch actually, looks like a cranky old lady chasing after a bunch of kids.It is my understanding that this eases up with the pullets once they start laying, but what about the roos? Btw, 3 of the older ladies find him quite fetching. The other 3 want nothing to do with him. With time will this straighten itself out? Words of experience are most welcome.

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