When will he crow? Black Orpington?

Jul 23, 2017
This site is incredible! So much helpful information and a great group of people to answer all the newbies questions. I started out with two chickens and a duck. A year later I have 15 chickens and my Muscovy duck. I love spending time just watching their antics. I have a Blue Barnevelder, Beilefielder, Lavender Orp, white Silkie pair, Blue Copper Maran, 2 Cream Legbars, a Calico Cochin, 2 California Whites, 2 Favorille Cream Legbars and 2 not sure of.

I'm guilty of buying pullet chicks from TSC for a very broody hen. I've been told they aren't Asian Blacks as purchased and that's okay but I also believe I've got a roo. When would I expect a crow and anyone else say Black Orpington? Bottom of feet are flesh colored. Approximately 12 weeks old. The last picture shows the 2 "unknown" breeds are side by side. I'm hopeful at least one is a pullet. TIA

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