When will my bantam cochin, japanese, and EE hen go broody? Good moms?

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    After moving I started a new flock this year. Even though I have owned chickens before this is my first time with bantams, cochins, and broodies (Other then the surprise chicks lol). I have 1 silver laced and 1 golden laced chochin, and a black tailed buff japanese that were hatched the first week of august. I have a buff cochin and a bantam EE that hatched a month or two later later. They are IDEAL birds. So to the more experienced owners I have these questions.

    1. I know cochins are supposed to be great moms. Do colors have anything to do with it? What about the EE and the Japanese, will they get broody like the cochins?

    2. What are the chances of them successfully hatching their first time? (I don't mind brooding the chicks myself, I just want an incubator lol)

    3. Is it likely they will go broody this spring? They haven't layed yet and I expect them to wait until spring for that.

    I am wanting to buy hatching eggs on here and set them this spring.
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    The Bantam Cochin will go broody most likely.... and first time is no problem. Mine was a successful mama the first time.... no problems.

    How old are they? Most start laying somewhere between 5 to 7 months depending on the breed. I am in California, so... I have some that lay all winter, I don't know about other parts of the country, where it is colder. Not all my hens keep laying, some lay less, some stop and start, some don't lay much at all in winter... it depends on the hen.

    As for Broody.. only my bantams go broody.. none of my standards go broody at all. I don't know anything about the Japanese. My EEs have not gone broody at all ever. I had three, have two now. And, also an additional mix (olive egg layer)... she has never gone broody either. Not one of my green egg layers has ever gone broody. (But, I have hatched an EE egg under my Cochin.)

    It seems to me..... from the ones that sell eggs to hatch that there is more availability of eggs in the Spring... so, if I am waiting for one of my hens to go broody, then order eggs.. get them in two days after ordering, pop them under the sitting hen... and then 21 days later... chicks. If all goes well. That would be my plan. I only use hens to hatch eggs, it's so much more "sweet" and a pleasure to watch, IMO.

    Good luck.

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