When will my budgie come out of his age ?

Cheryl lowe

Jun 25, 2020
I have had a budgie for a month and he will let me put my hand in his cage but he won’t come out. In the short time I have had him , his friend has died ( don’t think he was well from the day I got him as a sleepy budgie ). Do you think he will come out eventually or is he depressed too because of the other budgie?
I’m considering getting another budgie. Do you think this will help? Thanks in advance for any feedback


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Would like to tame them ! The first one was getting used to my fingers but I will have to start again with the new one now and leave them for a bit to get used to cage . Any suggestions? I’ve not had budgies before 😀

I would recommend target training them (also called touch training). It's a great, hands off way to communicate and interact with them and is also super helpful for taming them.

Here's a video that explains it well.

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