When will my Easter Eggers start laying?

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  1. When will my four month old Easter Eggers start laying?also, how do you tell what color eggs they will lay or can you not?

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    When their combs turn dark red laying is near. I think egg color is genetic, correct me if I'm wrong. There is no way of telling what color eggs will be in mixed breeds until they lay. Hatcheries have disclaimers on their birds saying they don't guarantee egg colors of their easter eggers.
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    Agreed. Additional signs of impending laying include spending time in the coop / nest boxes and submissive squatting when you approach them. Waiting for a first egg from a pullet has got to be one of the worst games ever invented by nature! [​IMG]
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    You've got probably at least a month to wait yet, maybe more.
    Most birds lay between 18-26 weeks..some will lay earlier, some later.

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