when will my girls start laying


6 Years
Sep 27, 2013
hi every one
we have just got are first 6
girls only had them 2 days there age pol. im feeding them layers pellets and were still getting to no each other.( best birthday prezzy ever) this is all very new to me this site has been grate for info and love reading about every ones birds. ares seem to have made them self at home can anyone tell me when thay may start laying as this is a first for me having chickens. should i be giving them layers pellets yet or will i make them poorly are girls are so i was told a amber, columbine,blue pied suffolk,columbine ranger black tail,a ranger and forgot the larst one will have to get back to that one any advice wold me very helpfull thank you
Hi there and congrats on your chickens. They are so rewarding. Im fairly new myself and have had chickens for only a few months and have just started getting eggs.
I think the age they lay depends on the breed. But there are some signs you can look for:
They will do this funny squat in front of you. They spread they wings a little, crouch down and stamp their feet quickly. It's quite cute because you can give them a lovely pat, where previously they may have steered clear of too much patting.
Also their combs and wattles get really red, super bright like a strawberry.
My first chicken layed 3 weeks after squatting, the second 2 weeks after squatting and the third only a matter of days later.
I have heard that its better to wait until they start laying to put them on layer feed, but I'm not an expert on that. I have mine on a grower (because I also have chicks), and add oyster shell and crushed up egg shells. The ones that need calcium can eat it. But it probably would be fine since they are all POL anyway.

Good luck I hope you get an egg soon!

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