When will my roo become a Roo?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by wonkyflock14, Jul 28, 2014.

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    Jun 4, 2014
    I have been lurking around the forums since I got my flock. I have read some really interesting articles and picked up some great advice. I have read endearing stories of how Roos take care of the hens in the flock, give them choice eats, etc. My question is... when will my roo start behaving like a gentleman?

    They are 12 weeks right now. I have 5 chickens (1 roo, 1 probable roo, 3 hens) and 2 pekin ducks. They all flock together and stick together, but I have not seen what I expect to be Rooster-like behavior from my guy. No attempts at crowing, no attempts to allow the girls to eat first, nothing like that. Is it just a matter of wait and see because no two roosters are alike? On the plus side, there is no aggressive behavior from him.

    Additionally, do having ducks with the flock change the dynamic? I believe we have one male and one female based on the size and sounds they make. But they stick right with the flock just like they were chickens too.
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    I have similar questions. We hit 20 weeks yesterday, and as of this morning he's decided it's time to crow. I haven't heard him yet, but my wife called to let me know.

    I see some of the typical rooster behaviors in him, but not all. I assume they will come with age.

    He's much larger than the hens, he's the first to call trouble if he sees something, the girls follow him if they sense danger. He's also a lot more stand-offish than the girls. They'll climb my legs if they see treats in my hand, where as he will always hover a couple feet back and I have to toss the treats his direction.

    So far I see no mating behavior, nor does he "share" his treats/food. If I throw down some oatmeal or grapes, he's the first and most aggressive about hoovering them all up.
  3. wonkyflock14

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    Jun 4, 2014

    Can anyone help me out?
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    My two roosters are 20 weeks old this week, too. The BA started crowing at 12 weeks and jumping hens soon after. Our GSL rooster crowed for the first time at 19 weeks last Monday and now is jumping hens. Chickens are so different. My smallest EE hen laid her first egg last Saturday and then again yesterday. My other hens are much larger with redder combs and waddles, but no eggs.

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