When will my rooster rule the yard?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by dlaciv12, Sep 5, 2010.

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    We got an accidental rooster and have decided to keep him. He is a RIR and about 22 weeks old and is still very much low man in the pecking order. The rest of our hens are about a year and half old. We decided to keep him as the neighborhood cat has taken a bigger interest in our yard. I know the cat is only a small worry, if any, but we also have a hawk. I am hoping he will provide some protection but right now he gets chased by almost every hen in the yard. At what age can I expect him to take over?

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    It could be any day or it could still be months away. They each have their own individual personality and each flock has its own flock dynamics. I've had them as young as 15 weeks that could take over with mature hens in the flock, but that is unusual. When he matures enough that he can dominate by the force of his personality, not by physical strength, he will take over. Some of that depends on him and some depends on the personality of your hens.
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    Yep...it really comes down to your individual personalities. Tried a rooster about two months older than my girls (girls 6 months, boy 8 months), and he TRIED to take over...only two of my hens tolerated him a month after introductions. Now have a rooster a year older than the girls (he's a bantam), and they began following him about within two days of him joining them. However, my lead hen still carries equal weight.

    Chicken chemistry plays a big role I think...

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