When will my rooster start to grow spurs?


8 Years
Aug 29, 2011
I have a 4 month old rooster that is a mix between a frizzle and a silkie but it looks like a polish. He is 4 months old. Should it have signs of spurs coiming in by now?
If you feel the back of his legs you will feel the bump, it takes a while.
I have roos that are 7 months old and they haven't really got noticeable spurs yet. With mine it's usually been a year till you can see them properly...
Most breeds don't get spurs at least an inch long until they're 1 year old, and at 2 years the spur will measure around 2 inches. It varies, but don't count on seeing much until the 12 month mark.
I was a bit worried that it is not a rooster because it has not even crowed yet. The lady that sold it was very knowledgeable so I want to trust her opinion. It has not laid a egg yet so that is good. Is there anything else that can be used to identify the sex? Here is a picture

Definitely roo - Polish mix, maybe. I have three Polish roos, and only two of them crow. None of them have spurs, and they are over 16 weeks. The third one opens his mouth and nothing comes out.

Yours has hackle feathers around the neck - visible in the pic, and probably has saddle feathers by the tail. They droop elegantly.

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