When will my silkie hen lay?

Maddi rodriguez

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Dec 26, 2020
I got a silkie that was a few weeks old in May so she’s around 8 months old. I’ve heard they can start laying around this age. But I’m not sure what signs to look for that she’s about to lay. My EE started squatting is it the same with silkies? Her comb is a lot darker in color now which is new.
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Upload some pictures of your Silkie, so we can try to figure out if she really is a hen or rather a cockerel which is often quite hard to determine with Silkies.
I’ve got her feathers tested to see her gender and they told me she was a hen. This is what she looks like


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I was wondering maybe she will wait until spring. Which is totally fine just was hopeful there was signs I could look for:) thank you!
Not all pullets will squat, if that is what you are looking for. Some will just inspect and rummage through the nest boxes and other options for days or even weeks before they finally settle down to lay their first egg.
And they develop an interest in the rooster, stay by his side and let him breed them.
She's beautiful :love
Most Silkies start laying 6-8 months old but some can take to a year before they start and if it is Winter there where you are then she may start when the daylight hours increase... Does she spend time in the nest box? .. There's a way to tell if she's laying by measuring with your fingers below her vent, between the bones, if you can fit 2 fingers width or more she's laying/going to lay very soon ;) (someone else can probably explain this better then me)

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