When will they be "friends"?

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    Aug 1, 2010
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    I got 12 chicks about 12-16 weeks ago. Then 9 days ago I got 12 more older birds 1.5-4yrs. I kept them separate for a few days then the older girls got out so I said the heck with it and let them all together. I know I have read to wait until 30 days but I spent 2+ hours with the lady I got the older girls from and felt ok about it. They all get let out everyday to free range but they are still in 2 very distinct flocks and the older girls intimidate the youger ones. I did get a beautiful buttercup rooster with the new girls and I have a slw rooster, a partridge rock rooster and 1 pr that I'm on the fence about. Are the roosters why the flocks won't become 1? Will they always stay separate or will they eventually become 1? Thanks for your help!
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    They will get along someday. But (there's always one) we have flocks within our flocks. They're more like cliques, lol. We have 7 roosters, and only one is penned up. It has no bearing on our flock & them being friends. We remove the roo's and the flock is the same. We have our original 5, 3 of which are still alive & they are the elders of the flock. All listen to them! Then we have two del's that hang together, and same with our two barred rocks. BUT our buffs pick on the del's but not BR's. Our RIR's well we have a total of 3. One is in the original clique, and the other two hang out with two of our polish roo's and two of the ducks. We have a few EE's. One of them belongs with the bronze turkeys, and the other two well they hang out with the one polish, 3 geese, and one rouen duck clique.
    See all of our flock gets along, and free range together. They all even roost in the same coop. But they have cliques just like humans do. [​IMG] We have way more birds, but that just gives you an idea. We even have one pekin, & one rouen that like to stay in our rabbit pen!

    They'll be friends, just give it time. Our flock ranges from 1 month to 4 years old right now.

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