When will they start laying?


9 Years
Jun 3, 2011
I have 6 four month old Golden Comets and wondered when they should start laying. It has been very hot, so I'm not sure if that will set them back or not.
Heat and overcast skys delay my birds from laying first eggs and cutdown on production. The fall and spring are definetly my best seasons for young birds.
should be soon.... if their combs and wattles have turned a nice red color - they are very close. If they are still pinkish - you still have some time. Commets, though, from what I am aware, lay on the earlier side. Mine started right around 5-6 months (can't quite remember exactly - but I know it was in that range).

The first eggs will be small and may be irregular in shape, and probably won't be every day or two. Probably more like every 3-4 days at first. By the time they are 1 though you'll have an egg almost every day from each of them - commets are laying machines - but by the time they are 3 they will slow down. They are a cross breed designed for lots of eggs early in their life.
How long after waddle and comb turn red before they start laying? I have 3 girls who turned red a few weeks ago and nothing. I keep hoping anyday now but I am starting to get restless.
It's anyone's guess. I know once they turn red then they are almost there - but it does depend on the chicken, the weather and a whole host of other things. It's not a set timeline ... Waiting is the hardest part. My new girls are only 15 weeks - and I know not to expect any eggs till close to the end of the year, but ..... that doesn't keep me from hoping it'll be sooner
What are you feeding them, I feed my chic's everything and they seem to lay at 16 weeks. They get there normal feed, but they also get
whole corn on the cob, any lawn grass, tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries, melon, old cereal, old bread, all veggies, etc...
Maybe different food would help move them along.

Oh yea, I also add flaxseed to there feed to help increase there healthy omega 3's. for them and for better eggs.
They are eating Purina Start & Grow as their main feed, but also leftovers from the garden and fridge.
Regarding the flax seed, I seem to remember having read somewhere that the flax seeds needed to be boiled until they are soft in order for a person or animal to get the full nutritional value. Something about the seeds passing thru the digestive tract whole and therefore not releasing the nutrients. Has anyone else heard this?

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