When you are hatching quail eggs and chicken eggs together....?


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
SW Ont, Canada
Okay, I'm a first time incubator, and I (stupid, I know) have 30 quail eggs due the 18th, and 12 chicken eggs due the 21. My bator has an autoturner, so how do I go about separating the hatches. Do I just set up the brooder for the quail, and put the eggs in there prior to hatching, or do I turn off the autoturner, let them hatch in the bator, and then move them?

I have read about people having a hatcher-don't know really what that is.

Can someone help me out?


(I apologize if this has been asked before-I have very little time to be on the puter to do a thorough search)

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