When you eat eggs after treatment???


9 Years
May 29, 2010
So, I just treated my flock with Duramycin-10 for reciptory issues, and now I am waiting till we can eat their eggs again. I was going to wait 2 weeks from the day a stopped the antibiotics. Well, I just got a website with information about the medicine itself and the said you can NEVER eat the eggs because there could always be traces in the yolk. Has anyone else ever heard this? Now I don't know what to do!!!
I wouldn't worry about ever eating them again unless you are allergic to duramycin (oxytetracycline) or tetracycline. You might pass this info along if you sell them or give them away, though.
How would you know if you are allergic? What drugs is this in for humans? Is it a thing of just trying one and see if you have an adverse reaction??
Why does it stay, would waiting longer help lower the amount in the eggs??
I think there is another issue behind the "Never" consume the eggs, if a chicken is treated for a respritory issue with some antibiotics it can cause other bugs the chicken might have such as campylobacter to become antibiotic resistant. The chicken could then harbour an antibiotic resistant strain and pass that along to humans through eggs long after the actual medicin was long gone from their system. Meat tends to be ok because it gets cooked to sufficient temperature to kill the bacteria. Eggs don't always get fully cooked esp if you like them sunny side up.

Ha i remember the good old days when a raw egg got tossed in to make a milk shake, Egg nog was milk sugar, eggs and some spices... Most of us lived through it none the worse for wear.
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I like my scrambled eggs dry, ie, very well cooked. ^.^
It's just that my sister and mother want to buy our eggs, they have family and kids. Now I am wondering if I should sell or cull them all and start fresh. But really, to me, they are pets first, then they also lay eggs on the side.
I will eat the eggs and see if I am allergic or not. Is there a way for my family to try an egg, will they have a serious reaction or is it typically more subdued?

What happens if you eat eggs before the 2 weeks is up?
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