When your daughter wants to be the momma....

Do we let my daughter raise the chick inside or take her out to let the hen raise it?

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6 Years
Apr 26, 2013
I don't know why I am so torn, I am usually so decisive. We hatched out a chick yesterday in an incubator. To make a long story short, my cochin banty hen started setting awhile ago on a bunch of eggs that were not all set on at the same time. She hatched one out herselft about 7 days ago now and they are doing just great. About 5 days ago the hen decided she was just done setting. Since then I candled the other eggs and there were 3 that were almost ready to hatch. one died, I in my ignorance of trying to help killed the other one (still weighs heavy on my heart- I should have not been so impatient and listened up) but the third hatched yesterday in an icubator a friend gave me. its a little cochin and mille fleur d'uccle cross. she has been inside for a day now and my daughter very insistently wants to raise her up until she's ready to hit the "yard". I am really torn because its alone by itself and I could sneak it out to the other mother hen to raise it the natural way and it would have another chick to be with ( know they are flock animals). My kids just got signed up for 4H and raising the chick could be a good experience sooooo..... I am torn. Please weigh in with thoughts, opinions, or information that could help me (and my daughter) decide. I am loving this site and it is such a wealth of info. Thanks so much for your time!

Oh, on a side note, the mille fleur was obviously raised by someone, I got her from a friend that someone gave her to as she was wandering the neighborhood trying to follow everybody inside. She was a pet and is still really friendly.
It is so much easier to let the hen raise the chicks. Your daughter can help her by making sure they get extra food, treats and watering them. Either way it is a great learning experience.

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