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    Jan 24, 2010
    ok when can my chicks eat outside like "forage"?!!.[​IMG].the oldest ones are 4 and a half weeks old, and the little ones are 3 and a half weeks old.& how do you post a picture for your forum post?.thnx
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    Dec 10, 2008
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    I let mine start having limited outside play time when they are about two weeks old. I only take them out on warm days when there is no wind. I let them stay out a little longer each time. I put chick grit in the brooder a couple of days before I let them outside for the first time. After that I leave a container of grit in the brooder all of the time. It is in a container separate from their food.

    Mine now range in age 6 - 8 weeks. Yesterday I opened the door from the coop into the run for the first time for an entire day. They are still spending most of their time on the coop but it could be because we have been cold and wet the last few days. Highs have been in the mid 50's. The normal high for right now is upper 60's. A few of the "brave" ones have explored the run.

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