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    Hi! I thought it might be useful to have local threads where people could post what they have available and in what form...hatching eggs, chicks, juvies etc. I invision people posting what they have now and editing as time passes. Post pics of your breeders and please be honest about their quality

    HQ=Hatchery Quality
    BQ=Breeder Quality
    EQ=Exhibition Quality Please specify county fairs or larger regional shows

    I will start: though what I have is not show quality at this point it is good quality and dual purpose.

    I am in Lake County

    I have:

    Breeder Quality but not Exhibition Quality Delawares [​IMG]
    I have other birds as well some Breeder Quality some Hatchery. I have the ability to make for you:
    Red Stars
    Black Stars
    both of which will be higher quality than hatchery sex links.

    The quality of my flock is increasing all the time but this is what I have for now.

    Please add your information

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