Where Are My Piano Players!!!!!!

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  1. I have been playing the piano for all of 5 weeks!!!! [​IMG] . I am learning pieces from my favorite composer, Debussy. I am learning the first arabesque and clair de lune. I am about a minute and a half into clair de lune, and I have the first 50 seconds or a minute, depending on how you play it, down for the first arabesque. Is there anyone else here who enjoys to play this magnificent instrument? I would love to here about it. And also, the baby chicks seem to enjoy my playing as well. [​IMG] .

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    good for you!.........piano.........music for the sole!
  3. Ah yes music for the soul indeed [​IMG] . I am trying to learn a gospel song to play in front of the church. I want to play something with a more classical hint to it, I was thinking something like "As the Deer". What do ya'll think? [​IMG] .
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    My sister plays piano. Been at it for 15 years. [​IMG]

    As the Deer is a wonderful piece. I'd go for it.

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    Ah ... piano memories.

    When I was 7 my parents promised I could take swimming lessons when school was out.

    On Easter Sunday I fell out of a tree on my grandma's farm and broke both my arms. There went the swimming lessons. Back then I was in full arm casts till well into the summer.

    Instead - I got to take piano lessons. 6 years later I was told I needed to accompany the church choir because the accompanist was deathly ill.

    I've been playing for the same church choir for 40 years! And all the junior high, high school, junior college choirs and stage bands along the way.

    The piano is a thing of beauty - no other instrument like it. It can be happy - sad - joyful - melancholy - simple - massive - you name it, there's a piece for it.

    If you're learning a piece for Christmas, Silent Night is one of the simplest, most beautiful, most recognized pieces the world over. Solo or sing along - I'm sure everyone would love it!

    Good luck and enjoy - the piano has been a part of my life nearly forever! Someone knew what they were doing when they "helped" me out of that tree!
  6. What a great story. It's funny how such seemingly insignificant happenings in our lives can translate into something that seems to consume it to the point that we couldn't imaging ourselves without it. [​IMG] . My first music experience was with the banjo. It was summer of 08' i think, and I was on the phone with my grandmother. She asked me what I was going to do to keep myself busy for the remainder of the summer, I told her that I would be interested in picking up some type of instrument. Well when she found out it was a banjo ( my grandads fav. instrument [​IMG] ) she couldn't help but buy one for me. I played till my fingers bled, it just seemed as if God had put music in my soul. I have grown up in church so the piano was always a large portion of my musical endulgence as a boy. It was funny I was home alone one evening, and I walked by the piano on the way to the bathroom of all places. I had been thinking about learning to play for a while but it had never hit me with a strong enough urge, except this time. I pulled the chair back, and began to play ( press the keys in a random order [​IMG] ) . I stopped and whispered a quick prayer that God would give the understanding to learn, and he did [​IMG] . I learned the first 2-3 meassures of the First Arabesque in just over an hour by ear, and after three days I could play to 12 measure well. I was ,and still remain, so excited. Now I have progressed further and further. I play every chance I get, which is about 3-5 hours a day. I just cant seem to get enough. I have been heavily influenced by music for only the past 3 years, but I couldn't imagine myself without it, its the same way with the chickens. [​IMG] .
  7. Just a little bump. [​IMG] I have decided to play amazing grace in c maj. It's an original arrangement I'm working on. I have changed the melody quite a bit. I start out with the melody on a G. and then i play the C maj. 3rd inversion chord. then i quickly press the e, d, and c keys. and then I use ( this is going to be a mouth full) an A 1st inv. dim. with a maj. 7th. ( I think I got those chords right [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] ) Usually I'd play an A m. chord during this particular c. composition. After that hard to say chord i play the d, e, and back to the d. So far that is the biggest change i've made to the song. My focus in the first movement, I quess you could it a movement [​IMG] , is to keep focus on the silence between the notes. To let the song speak for itself without too many piano acrobatics to muddy things up. The second part however will be a diff story [​IMG] . Anyway let me know what you think. p.s. sorry if I got those chords wrong. its hard to name them when i'm not at the piano [​IMG] .

  8. Oh and As the Deer is going well to. Im changing it around a bit to fit my musical style [​IMG] .
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    Quote:Piano= My life! [​IMG] I've been playing piano for Six years, and I love it soooooooo much!

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    Sorry Farmer - never learned the chord names. But I can sight read just about any piece you put in front of me. I'm sure your pieces will be awesome.

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