Where are our Vets?

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  1. Papa John59

    Papa John59 Songster

    May 21, 2019
    Amberg, Germany
    In the past week, I know of 3 new members looking for information on chickens/birds as "service animals".
    So I'm wondering, just how many Vets there are here? Does not matter what country you served, a Vet is a Vet, in my opinion.
    I for one, served in the US Army from Dec`76 until Feb '97 and retired to Germany where I now reside.
    So Vets, where are you?
  2. ValerieJ

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    Jul 24, 2016
    Washington State
    I'm not a vet, but I'm a vet's spouse. My husband served 30+ years in the US Navy. We are in SW Washington.
  3. drumstick diva

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    Aug 26, 2009
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    Veteran's Day is coming up - maybe we will get to see them. Many restaurants have a special meal for them. If we are there it would be a chance to thank them and shake their hand. Do you think they would like that? Or prefer their privacy with family or friends.?

    I'm well aware that people with the right intentions, cause the most problems.
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  4. Compost King

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    Apr 19, 2018
    Salisbury, North Carolina
    I am a deaf Veteran I wouldn't consider chickens a service animal because I do not feel emotional support animals to be an actual service and people do abuse this drag strange animals into the public sphere when animals do not belong. However I can say that having chickens gives me social interaction that I can not get from anyone else unless they are just being kind to that weird deaf guy. To me a real service animals is one that alerts blind people to dangers. There are a few other exceptions beyond that but someone who wants to bring an emotion support horse on a plane and other silly demands has me fed up with the broad definition of what a service animal is. I can even see a deaf person having a dog to prevent the idiot (me) from walking out in traffic which I did a few times because I was so accustomed to hearing cars and suddenly I could not. Time passed and I look both ways about 5 times before I cross the street. If I even had a hearing dog I wouldn't be dragging it in and out of places like I had some sort of special privilege, I would just use it if I had to walk amongst traffic.
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  5. toredano

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    Apr 26, 2009
    Grainger County,TN
    ADA does not see a dog or a chicken as a " emotional support animal" no such thing.. that being said....
    My husband got injured in A stan in 08 in a Heli crash..After he got home our elder pitbull girl was with him ,constantly. We now have chickens again and hatched a bunch out out of a clutch one of the hens laid. With that was a Serama/Silkie mix.. tiny little dude but tame as can be.. He goes onto frequent trips with us to TSC or whatnot. I got him a little harness with a bowtie on it.. cutest ever. I think these guys are good for the soul tho. That little rooster is quiet the husband to the girls.. allways fussing about what he found and they, of course, come running.

    Anyway. we dont say or use the rooster as a service animal. People abuse the ignorance of store owners to justify bringing all kinds of animals into the stores nowadays.
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  6. 2hotchicks

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    Sep 19, 2019
    Southern Indiana
    Thank you for your service.
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  7. townchicks

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    Dec 1, 2016
    Contra Costa county, Ca.
    Sorry to hijack this thread, because I know it is about Vets, but I feel there needs to be clarification here, regarding "service animals" vs "emotional support animals". A service animal is an animal that has been specifically trained to perform a service for a disabled person. That service can vary from assisting those with vision, hearing, mobility issues, to alerting for seizures and low blood sugar, among them. In the states, at least, the ONLY animals recognized as SERVICE ANIMALS are dogs, and mini horses. Mini horses are used mostly for those with mobility or balance issues, that need more strength than a large dog can provide.Service animals, by law, are allowed full access to any public space. Emotional support animals, are animals that provide just that, for people with PTSD, anxiety, kids on the spectrum, etc. The ONLY privilege a doctors note provides, is in housing access. It does not allow you to take an animal anywhere you want. ES animals are sometimes trained to wake those with nightmares or touch or hug when anxiety strikes, but that doesn't always happen. People can get untrained, unruly, undersocialized dogs, "certified" and think that means they can take them anywhere. The problem is the uneducated public doesn't know the difference between the two, and the perception that ES animals have full access. So then you get those that just want to take their pet everywhere, abusing the system, and everyone gets a black eye as a result. Again, sorry to hijack the thread with my soapbox. I'm done, carry on.
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  8. Papa John59

    Papa John59 Songster

    May 21, 2019
    Amberg, Germany
    @townchicks....you are so correct! Thanks for posting!
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