Where can I buy a Standard of Perfection copy (2010 edition)?


Mar 25, 2015
I'm tired of referring to the APA website for details about the Standard. Where can I buy one? Does anyone know if I can order one from Barnes and Noble? The website I checked only listed the 1998 copy. They usually cost around $60, but is there any that are $50 or so?

Fred's Hens

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The Standard is sold by the APA on that very website to which you refer. They own the copyright.

Most of the sellers on Ebay are selling fake, photocopy versions of older standards. Buyer beware.
The APA had some spiral-ring bound, smaller editions they were selling a year or so ago, minus the photos in the full sized, hard bound edition. I don't know if there are still of those left. I'd suggest just get the hardbound edition. If you working with breeds long accepted, the edition will never go out of date. It's a worthwhile investment. $59.
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