Where can I buy a turkey?


May 11, 2015
Where is the best place to buy a turkey? I know some of the store bought ones arent very hardy. I wanna try my hand at Turkeys. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Mar 16, 2014
SE Michigan
The best thing to do is to find a breeder in your area. Check Craigslist, that is usually a good source.

And buying 3 will be easier on you than buying one, just sayin...


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May 9, 2015
Bowling Green KY
When we got the guinea, I bought 1 turkey because he was cute (I know, I know). Did my research and got 3 more so he would not be alone.
My best advice is DO HOMEWORK. Research the place you purchase from before laying down a dollar! We made a horrible mistake in buying the first one from someone who bragged on his reputation without checking him out. I discovered later (after 5 guinea died immediately) the man was a fraud and had several lawsuits from cruelty to inept care.
I also bought a good book, studied about turkey to include what to look for, and approached it like I did buying a car.
I am having a lot of fun with it, besides. Gets me out of the house and into nice weather.
Hope this helps.


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Apr 8, 2013
I ordered mine from cackle hatchery. So far I am please! They are just over a month old. You need to look at different breeds and see which would suit you best, like stated above, research! Most hatcheries you there is a minimum order. Cackles is 15. Now I know what you're thinking 15 is a lot! But what I did was ordered them, kept them a few days to make sure they'd take to eating and drinking... Then I sold the extras I didn't want. It worked out pretty well, and it seems people are always looking for turkey poults in my area anyway.


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Jan 9, 2015
turkeys here for sale are not popular. only one place had broad-breasted which i did not want. I wanted heritage breeds. On craigslist I was not able to find poults and hatchery's wanted a min order which i did not want to order that many. So i came across 90 dollar surcharges for not ordering the min at some online hatchery's. SO what i did is find someone selling hatching eggs and i found a local lady selling the breed i wanted. I never hatched a turkey egg before and i was not sure my mini incubator would handle them so i invested that surcharge money (if i was to order online) buying a bigger incubator. Since I have chickens and ducks its going to be put to use anyways.

I took 12 eggs she gave me 2 extras. I ended up with 2 infertile eggs and 2 more that probably are not going to continue develop i believe but i left them for now cause they are "ifs" to make sure. so if i am right i will be down to ten and because i never hatched a turkey egg before and my new incubator is not automatic and regulate humidity for me and things automatically like my mini i am hoping 8 will hatch which i wanted 5 or 6 originally and keep 3 for egg reproduction & the others for holidays.

This has become alot of fun and addictive its hard to keep my hands off but i am doing it LOL watching the embryo dance around is very cool. But this is an option as well.

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