Where can I buy Diatomaceous Earth Locally?


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Mar 16, 2007
Does anyone know if any of the larger chain stores sell DE locally?

I need to buy more of this product, but just can't justify paying $36 shipping when the product only costs $33 for 50#
My experience has been that the chain stores don't carry the food-grade DE that you want. You might have better luck looking for a store that specializes in organic gardening. Good luck.
Builders Cash and Carry - Daleville, AL 344- 598-2481

Donaldson Boer Goats - Enterprise, AL 334-347-2052 or 344-464-4942

Richard Ramsey - Gadsden, AL 256-504-5631 or 256-547-1932

Ann Fuque - Brewton, AL 251-867-4687

Stanley Lamar - Centre, AL 256-475-6646 or 256-630-1806

Dale & Kathy Peterson -Birmingham AL 205-369-3111

Jack Jolley-Bridgeport ,AL 205-873-0612

Kirsten Russell - Tonie, AL 256-828-5397 or 256-828-9006

This is from the custommilling.com website

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