Where Can I Buy Gosllings?


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May 19, 2009
I only know of one source on the West Coast for purchasing goslings, and they are already out of them for the year (as of one week ago). I've googled "geese breeders" and "geese for sale" with no leads. Can anyone share a source for buying goslings? It doesn't have to be on the West Coast, but that would be better, as that's where I live and the babies wouldn't have to travel so far.
From what I've heard, most breeders' geese have already stopped laying for the year. It seems like geese were very popular this year. Someone just posted listing of hatcheries yesterday, but I can't remember who or where I saw it. But, I don't know if you'll find many places with goslings left.

Good luck. I tried to get goslings this time last year and couldn't find many. I ended up buying juveniles and adults for the most part.
I may have some goslings available- dewlap toulouse. They either would be available early next week or on the 22nd, I am waiting to hear back from someone who is waiting on them but so far no response. I'll give him another day or so but if he doesn't get back to me then they would be perfect for you.

Ooooppsss.....nevermind, they were just snatched up I think....I'm checking with the individual as they wanted 8 to make sure only 4 is ok....

I live in the gold country of cali so if you are close enough you could pick them up rather then shipping them though that close I could get them to you overnite for sure with express. If the ones this weekend are not available we're looking at right around the 22nd.

You may not like my prices though. These are purebred dewlap toulouse and I charge $55 each on them and if we're shipping, even overnite, it would be a good idea to do a minimum of 3 (I expect 3 or 4 to be available if all goes well. for both hatches. This is my last hoorah for the season (thank gosh cause I am worn out).

Let me know at [email protected] if you are interested. All I'll have available for the rest of the year is this last 3-4.
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Too bad you don't live closer.. I have day old up to 6 weeks old.
23 of them and about 45 eggs in the bator and 2 geese still laying..

Toulouse and african..

Look on craigs list for some local geese..
My vote is to get the dewlap toulouse. $55 is a very good price and her dewlaps are beautiful. Plus, they are really wonderful geese! I LOVE mine!!!

I like your geese too the buffs especially, I don't have any buffs (sigh) I need another breed or variety of goose like I need a hole in the head tho LOL. Thanks so much on the compliment, I try really hard to do the best I can at what I do. You know the whole thing if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well LOL.
My buffs are very special to me. They haven't given me any eggs since I got them last year, but they are just beautiful and they are very tolerant of me picking them up and forcing them to be held and hugged and all of that. LOL. One of my grey males, Mongo, is larger than my male buff, J.R., but I think the buff has a much larger chest.

I could talk about dewlap toulouse geese for hours! I just love them. Yours really are filling out nicely and getting nice dewlaps on them!

What's really funny is watching my dews in the afternoon when they go back into their pen. They have a Step 2 "Sweetheart Cottage" playhouse and they all go in their together and "talk", then, one by one, they come back out. You'd swear they were having a club meeting.
Not a prefered way to buy poultry, but going to some swaps might give you some choices. There is a guy in this area that raises lots of different types of birds, including dewlaps and what he does not sell from ads, he takes to swaps. What I have seen, his stock is healthy. He listed a swan in one of his last ads.

There is a waterfowl rescue group that had a very long list of ducks and geese needing homes not long ago. They list all over the US.

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