Where can I buy young adult hens close to or laying age in Southern California? Pref. Orp, Lorp?

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  1. Does anyone have any young Buff Orp or Australtorp for sale in Southern California? Looking for 4 hens to start a small flock in Hacienda Heights, CA. I dont want to raise chicks. Approximate cost?
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    Check craigslist. I see point of lay Australorps available right now in the greater Los Angeles area. You will have a greater selection in the spring. POL pullets are usually around $25. Chicks are usually $3-$7 depending on the breed. Ask lots of questions and make sure you get to see where the birds live.

    Also, check your spellings or the searches won't work:


    buff orpingtons
  3. Great idea! I will check Craig's list...Thanks!

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