Where can I find local breeders? (Pacific Northwest)

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    Trying to find a directory or compilation of breeders in my region. I have hatchery stock chickens right now from Wilco but would really like my next batch to be something a little more special. Any suggestions?
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    Hi there. :frow

    I am in the PNW... but much more south at CA/OR border.

    I might suggest that you check any specific breeds of interest club websites... for example ameraucanaalliance.org has a breeder directory.. http://ameraucana.org/DnLd/Directory.pdf that can be accessed for free by all.

    Also.. keep your eye on your local craigslist farm and garden section... as on occasion there will people like me who are serious hobbyist... who gathered the best quality stock they could and worked even harder than that SELECTING for several generations to get where they are now. Of course there are scammers but learn the questions to ask. Learn what the breed you are interested in looks like as a chick and adult. And use BYC as a bouncing board if you need when you do find a source of interest if you are unable to discern their quality. AVOID like the plague anyone who is vague!

    While I am not NPIP certified... I do recommend going with someone who has made that effort... noting that it doesn't test for many things and breeders aren't required to report things like Marek's.

    I do believe there is a compilation here on BYC that some folks (not me) will have signed on to show their breeding purposes...

    Also... maybe in the where am I where are you section or maybe the buy sell trade section here on BYC.

    Good luck! :fl
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    NPIP search by state:

    The list will include breeds, but they use breed codes. So here is the breed code list:

    Of course, if you have a specific breed, you can see if there is a breeders club, etc.

    Google maps gives some results, but I suspect not all as some breeders are just small or not a business like a bigger hatchery, so the NPIP list above will list anyone (small or large) that is NPIP certified.

    good luck!
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