Where can I get Blue Orpington Eggs?


Mar 10, 2010
Ringoes NJ
Hi I am new- Love all your advice!
I am starting a small pet flock after years with no chickens. I would really love 3-4 huge gorgeous blue orpingtons. I want to hatch them myself. A friend would share the hatch with me so we could do a dozen or so. I just had a good hatch with mixed breeds from a friend, but my orpington eggs that were shipped don't look like they are going to make it. MY HATCH: 6 of 8 mixed breeds hatched no problem, same incubator and start date as 9 Orpington eggs and 4 Ameraucana eggs. Of those 13 pure breed eggs, 1 died after pip- very liquidy in shell - and 1 is trying to pip. Others are silent:( I must admit I am a terrible candler, but I thought they were good:( I will give them 2 more days. Does anybody know a good breeder who will ship eggs? I have seen some beauties posted on this forum. I am not ready to give up!
Thanks- Sarah

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