Where did all the passion go?

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    I thought this would be fun to do. I'm not sure how it will take off though as I'm sure not many here can relate. But It doesn't have to be limited to just one topic, relate the overall idea to anything you look at now-a-days and remember when it was better. Like this!

    April 2, 2012. The mechanic came up to me early in the morning while I was pulling a rifle and case out of a new 2012 Dodge Charger Police spec. He asked me to go take it out on the highway and make sure his repairs on the new EGR replacement felt 'right'. This entailed touching rev-limiter and coming to a complete stop with ABS and back to limiter. I wasn't worried about traffic as it was 6:30AM and it is a police car after all.

    This is where it all went wrong though. He handed me the fob and walked off. A Dodge Charger should be and feel like a muscle car, right? Something was wrong though, I had to push a button to start it, and all the gauges and edges were too sharp, and bright. Also speed was weird, when you put your foot down it pulled you to the back of the seat sharply and directly. Aggressive? Perhaps. I'm not at liberty to say how fast police edition Dodge Chargers are limited too but it's at a level where I would expect my eyes to pop open and my knuckles to turn white. Rather though I just sat there with my foot buried wondering when they were going to start work on that on ramp. The noise was all wrong too! It's quiet, too quiet. Then after 40% throttle is applied it opens up butterfly valves and it barks sharply, not deeply.

    2008, Seattle Washington. Uncles Dodge Charger from 1970 is offered for me to drive. Heck yes! I scream grabbing the keys. That was proper. A big 400 CI big block the you had to convince to idle in the damp Seattle morning chill with your right foot. Constant growl, it never felt happy, more like forcibly tamed. "Don't forget it has posi" he said as I backed up. No suck thing as ABS on this, it called 'posi', even that sounds better! No limiter either, it just yelled till the valves floated. And after 120 the spedo was buried and yet the car didn't care. It wasn't stuck to a government limiter it just kept going till the needle was no longer of value. And even then the car was more alive then anything I have ever driven before. A live connection to the road to where all I could think about was what I was doing. At idle you can tell it's got a big cam, bouncing up and down.

    What happened to muscle cars? Perhaps they just can't change it because of government restrictions. Even if they wanted to make a basic heavy fighter I'll bet the Gov would come in and put 20 cats on it till it was no longer as it was.

    How about all of you? What do you see today that you wish hadn't been touched by the future? And general story.

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